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        Yancheng Yuhao Chem&Tech Co.,Ltd. has total assets of 200000000 yuan and more than 500 employees including 200 engineering,technical personnel and senior management.It is a private enterprises which is a collection of pesticide chemical industry, research and development of pharmaceutical and chemical industry,Dyestuff Chemical,biological and chemical engineering,international trade.It won private science & technology enterprises and high-tech enterprises honorary titles.Is one of the largest production base of national chlorinated phenol intermediate series.at the same time,o-phenylphenol group won the Jiangsu provincial science and technology achievement transformation project support.......

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    Name: Mr. He
    Hot Line:: 0086-15861986555
    Fax: 086-515-86287038
    Web: http://www.huaitaijc.com
    Email: gm@jqychem.com
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